First online delivery platform in Armenia

First online delivery platform in Armenia

Because of Kangaroo, becoming our client start ordering deliveries from one point to another in shortest time. Registering as a courier Kangaroo gives a great opportunity to earn money, working in your free time.

How does it work?

Kangaroo Delivery Platform is very simple and flexible. You only need to register and place your first order.

Register and become a client
Enter pickup and delivery addresses
Get your package in the shortest time

About Us

Who we are?
Kangaroo is the first online delivery platform in Armenia.
What do we offer?
Delivery of any item from one location to another in 24/7.
What Is Our Aim?
We want to make this city the best place to live, learn and work.
Why us?
- Because we do delivery within the shortest possible timeframe. Your order can be placed on our platform one minute on average.

- We provide an opportunity to earn money, working in your free time. All you need is phone and Internet.

- We are fighting with traffic jams and air pollution, promoting and providing deliveries on foot and by bicycles.

Delivery Options

On Foot

This method includes delivery on foot, as well as deliveries by public transport. It is the cheapest type of delivery, driver’s licenses are not required for this option.

By Bicycle/Bike

In the case of traffic jams, this is the fastest delivery option in the city. For this type of delivery, couriers need to either have their own bicycle/bikes, or use our partners bikesharing companies services.

By Car

This is the fastest delivery method if there are no traffic jams in the city. In this case, driver’s licenses and personal cars are required.


Distance On Foot By Bicycle/Bike By Car
0 - 3 km 800 dram 1000 dram 1200 dram
3 - 8 km 1000 dram 1200 dram 1400 dram
8 - 13 km 1200 dram 1400 dram 1700 dram
13 km and more 1500 dram 1700 dram 2000 dram